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Little Nothings है तब से अब तक शो का वह हिस्सा, जिसमें 6 से 8 minutes में, हम छोटी छोटी सी रोज़मर्रा की बातें करते हैं.

Little Nothings is that part of the Tab Se Ab Tak Show in which we talk about things that apparently aren’t important, but they hit us hard, right in the gut.  These episodes of this Hindi podcast, reach out to talk with you about things that matter to you – but to others, they appear insignificant.


Krishna’s Visit to Hastinapur – कृष्ण का ब्रह्मरूप.

A day before the war of Mahabharata began, Krishna arrived in Hastinapur. He was the messenger of peace, who asked the Kauravas to part with just five villages, but he was threatened by Duryodhana. रामधारी सिंह दिनकर की रश्मिरथी के… Continue Reading →

Change mushkil hai, par Namumkin nahi…

Change is always difficult, but when it relates to people, it’s almost impossible. Ask yourself…

Little Nothings – Microscopic Things that Matter!

It’s true that life connects with stories, but it also exists beyond stories…and this is why, “Little Nothings.” For more, listen to the first episode of Little Nothings – “Chirping Birds of All Kinds.”

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