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Shakuntala and the Cost of Absentmindedness

Shakuntala was temporarily distracted (and absentminded,) and it cost her years of happiness. That is the gist of Shakuntala’s story. Shakuntala, who was a simple village belle, who knew nothing of the world outside and who fell in love with a king…Shakuntala’s story is India’s answer to Cinderella, but of course with a lesson that we can use. And of course, unlike the heroines of the western fairy tales, our mythological divas and historical heroines are realistically portrayed. They are quite like us, except that they belong to a different time, a different epoch.

Shakuntala’s story is about the happy haze that youthful romance is. It covers everything with the soft muslin of dreams, making the reality around us unreal.

And yet, the consequences of experiencing this delightfully happy haze are quite real. Shakuntala was forgotten.

In this episode, we talk about absentmindedness and youth as we take a trip into the past and meet Shakuntala. Here are the links to this episode on Gaana and on Amazon Music. You can also listen to it on JioSaavn, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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