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The questions of life and death loom large upon the horizons of the living. Hindu mythology is replete with stories that help us find answers to these questions.

In the Tab Se Ab Tak Show, which is a Hindi motivational and inspirational podcast, listen to the stories that help us find answers to questions such as:

  • Why we die?
  • How was death born?
  • Why life isn’t fair?
  • Why death mustn’t evoke fear?

Find your answers to these questions and more by tuning in to The Tab Se Ab Tak Show, hosted by artist, writer, and storyteller Shafali Anand.

Do you know how death was born?

Mahabharata is a beautiful epic…and it’s stories are as complex and interesting, as is the story of Mahabharata itself. The Tab Se Ab Tak Show, brings you stories from the mythologies of the world, including those from Mahabharata and Ramayana…. Continue Reading →

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