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Month May 2021

Change mushkil hai, par Namumkin nahi…

Change is always difficult, but when it relates to people, it’s almost impossible. Ask yourself…

Vidyottama vs. Kalidas – Pride vs. Effort

The beauty of our stories lies in their becoming one with their listeners, changing and morphing with the story-tellers. In Episode 4 of Tab Se Ab Tak show, listen to this beautiful story of Kalidas and Vidyottama to see how… Continue Reading →

Do you know how death was born?

Mahabharata is a beautiful epic…and it’s stories are as complex and interesting, as is the story of Mahabharata itself. The Tab Se Ab Tak Show, brings you stories from the mythologies of the world, including those from Mahabharata and Ramayana…. Continue Reading →

Little Nothings – Microscopic Things that Matter!

It’s true that life connects with stories, but it also exists beyond stories…and this is why, “Little Nothings.” For more, listen to the first episode of Little Nothings – “Chirping Birds of All Kinds.”

Ek Story, Love and Opportunism ki, Greek Mythology se.

What happens when Apollo, the Greek God of music, dance, and prophecies, approaches the most popular sibyl in Greece and offers her his heart…

The Tab Se Ab Tak Show – The Trailer.

The Trailer of The Tab Se Ab Tak Show.

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